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You’ve noticed the signs of a bad sleep. You struggle waking up. Always tired. Your energy level later in the day is shot, too. Your sex drive is gone. Perhaps you’re gaining weight, or you’ve become unable to lose weight.
All of these symptoms are signs of a possible sleep disorder.

A Sleep Disorder is any issue that prevents you from getting the rest your body and brain need to operate at their fullest capacity.
Without the right amount of sleep:
  • Your performance at work will suffer
  • Your awareness in relationships will lack
  • Your emotional responses will sporadically vary
  • Your physical strength will weaken
  • Your level of stress will increase

A sleep study at the Georgetown Sleep Disorder Center will help diagnose your sleep disorder. With that diagnosis, we can present sleep treatment options that can restore your body and mind. If you’re a snorer, you’ve probably heard of a CPAP machine. At the LRH Sleep Disorder Center in Georgetown, we only prescribe a CPAP machine as a last resort due to its invasive, uncomfortable setup. We’d rather treat your snoring without strapping a mask to your face every night.

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What is a Sleep Study & How Does it Work?

A sleep study involves spending at least one night at Little River Healthcare Sleep Disorder Center in Temple or in Georgetown. You will enjoy a relaxing, private room in one of our bedroom laboratories. For your comfort, these laboratories look much like your bedroom at home. Your room will have a television and a bathroom. In preparation, simply bring things you would typically use at home during your time asleep and whatever you may need to start the following day.
During your study, electrodes transmit and record your sleep patterns and specific information about your physical activities, such as breathing, brain waves, heart activity and eye and muscle movements, while you sleep. The recording techniques are noninvasive (external) and all electrodes are applied on the skin surface. The entire recording process is painless. The recordings are analyzed by a local sleep specialist to determine the nature of your sleep disorder.
If you are extremely sleepy during the day, a daytime test can be performed to detect narcolepsy.


How Much Does a Sleep Study Cost?

Most insurance policies cover sleeping disorders. However, if you have any questions, call your health insurance agent or call a Little River Healthcare Sleep Disorder Center.


Do I Need a Sleep Study?

Below is a list of common Sleep Disorder symptoms. If you suffer from any of these symptoms, contact a Little River Healthcare Sleep Disorder Center today to determine if you need a Sleep Study and Sleep Disorder treatment.

☐ Snoring
☐ Confusing awakenings
☐ Nightmares
☐ Tremors (crying or intense fear)
☐ Difficulty breathing
☐ Difficulty falling asleep
☐ Difficulty staying asleep
☐ Sleepwalking or sleeptalking
☐ Bed-wetting
☐ Random daytime sleepiness
☐ Excessive daytime sleepiness
☐ High blood pressure
☐ Teeth grinding
☐ “Acting out” your dreams
☐ Rhythmic limb movements
☐ Feeling “trapped” in your sleep
☐ Abnormal nighttime eating
☐ Achy legs when reclined awake
☐ Morning headaches
☐ Need for caffeine to stay awake


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