Swing Bed Program

If you or a family member are ready to be discharged from the hospital but still require rehabilitative or skilled nursing care, the Little River Rockdale Hospital Swing Bed Program may provide just the help you need.

Our swing beds are designed to provide a wide range of physical therapy and rehabilitative services in an institutional setting, to help you regain your mobility and self-sufficiency to care for yourself at home.

The Little River Rockdale Hospital staff will work with you during your stay providing basic physical and occupational therapy, respiratory care and other services to help you meet self care goals set by you and your physician.

What is a Swing Bed?
A Swing Bed is a term that describes a hospital bed that can “swing” from an acute care bed to a “skilled” nursing bed offering an intermediate level of care when ordered by your physician.  If a patient’s condition warrants the, the same bed can be “swung” back to offer acute care services without moving the patient.

How is Swing Bed Different from Acute Care?
When you were first admitted to the hospital, the acute care you received was dedicated to treat a serious medical condition or injury that could not be treated on an outpatient basis.  When acute care treatment is no longer required and you are ready to be discharged from the hospital, you may still require an intermediate level of physical therapy, occupational therapy, or rehabilitative services to help you recover to the point where you can take care of yourself at home.  Our Swing bed team is trained to assist you in meeting those goals and achieve full recovery from your illness or injury.

In our Swing Bed Program, you are encouraged to wear your own clothes and take part in a variety of daily activities.  Our therapy staff will help you to regain your mobility and self-sufficiency.  Your personal physician is a part of the team and will periodically monitor your progress.

Who Pays for Your Care?
All Medicare patients are eligible for Swing Bed placement when medically appropriate and Medicare will generally pay 100% of charges for the first 20 days of care.  Many commercial insurance companies also provide coverage. Our Admitting Department will be happy to check your coverage with your insurance carrier.

Who Qualifies for Swing Bed Programs?
To qualify for placement in a Swing Bed Program:

  • You must be covered by Medicare Part A or your commercial policy.
  • You must have at least a 3-day stay in an acute care bed in the previous 30 days prior to referral.
  • Your condition must require ongoing monitoring and rehabilitative therapy.

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