Musculoskeletal System

The Orthopedic Surgeons at Little River Healthcare repair bones, joints, and active lifestyles.
Each Orthopedic Surgeon has led a storied career in medicine. From Dr. Albert Bartschmid, who founded the wildly successful Georgetown Orthopedics 20 years ago, to Dr. Charles Schwertner, who spends half his year in session as a state senator, to Drs. Kevin Caperton and Chris English, long-time team physicians for the Southwestern University Pirates. This elite team of orthopedic surgeons is backed by stellar assistants, friendly and knowledgeable nurses, and a welcoming staff that greets every patient with a smile.
Our Orthopedic Surgeons in Austin, Killeen, Temple, and Waco understand the conditions that cause joint pain and broken bones as well as anyone in the world.

More importantly, we love what we do. We have a passion for fixing bodies, bones, joints, muscles, you name it. We won’t always push you toward surgery. In fact, if you can avoid it, we’ll encourage that. But if surgery is necessary, you can count on our experience in thousands of successful surgeries and stellar patient outcomes.
When all is said and done, we promise that you will feel and function better.


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Orthopedics Locations

King’s Daughters Clinic – Orthopedics
1905 SW H.K. Dodgen Loop
Temple, TX 76502
Phone: (254) 298-2400
Orthopedic Doctors for Temple, Belton, Salado, and Waco.

Killeen Clinic
401 W Jasper Rd
Killeen, TX 76542
Phone: (254) 213-7843
Orthopedic Doctors for Killeen, Copperas Cove, Harker Heights, and Waco.

Georgetown Orthopedics
1904 Railroad St.
Georgetown, TX 78626
Phone: (512) 863-4563
Orthopedic Doctors for Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Georgetown, and Hutto.

Cameron Medical Clinic
708 N Crockett Ave.
Cameron, TX 76520
Phone: (254) 697-6554
Orthopedic Doctors for Cameron, Rogers, Buckholts, Rosebud, and Lott.

Rockdale Family Care Center
1700 Brazos Ave., Suite C
Rockdale, TX 76567
Phone: (512) 430-6466
Orthopedic Doctors for Rockdale, Taylor, Milano, Hearne, Gause, Lexington, and all of Milam County.





Our Orthopedics Departments see and treat patients for the following musculoskeletal disorders at any of our local Central Texas offices:

• Carpal Tunnel
• Tendonitis
• Muscle Strain
• Tendon Strain
• Tension Neck Syndrome
• Epicondylitis
• Ruptured Disc
• Herniated Disc
• Trigger Finger
• Ligament Sprain
• Thoracic Outlet
• Compression
• Rotator Cuff
• Mechanical Back Syndrome
• Degenerative Disc Disease
• Arthritis
• Osteoporosis
• Frozen Shoulder
• Erb’s Palsy
• Osteoarthritis
• Tennis Elbow
• Depuytren’s Contracture
• Bursitis
• Deep Vein Thrombosis
• Sciatica
• Chordoma
• Scoliosis
• Perthes Disease
• Snapping Hip
• Ulnar Tunnel Syndrome
• Kienbock’s Disease
• Ganglion Cyst
• Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
• Spinal Stenosis


Listed below are common symtoms of many types of orthopedic injuries that may require treatment. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, contact the Little River Healthcare Orthopedics department today.

• Warmth of Tendons or Ligaments
• Stiff Tendons or Ligaments
• General Fatigue
• Fever
• General Sense of Not Feeling Well
• Loss of Strength
• Loss of Joint Movement
• Weightloss
• Abnormal Lung/Heart/Kidney Function
• Joint Pain
• Joint Swelling/Inflammation
• Joint Stiffness
• Redness or Warmth at Joint
• Muscle Pain
• Muscle Stiffness
• Muscle Warmth
• Pain of Tendons/Ligaments
• Swelling of Tendons/Ligaments


Injury to the musculoskeletal system is commonly caused by repetitive movements, jerking movements, accidents, falls, and other trauma. While the causes of specific injuries vary, the risk factors can be broken into two categories – ergonomic and individual risk factors. Risk factors for musculoskeletal injury include:

• Forceful impact to the joints, tendons, ligaments, or Bones
• Repetitive movements
• Poor posture
• Poor work practices
• Poor fitness
• Poor health habits
• Contact sports
• Heavy lifting
• Intense physical activity
• Jerking movements
• Falls


By practicing the following actions, some types of musculoskeletal injuries or diseases may be prevented:

• Always wear protective gear while playing contact sports
• Avoid lifting heavy objects
• Practice good posture
• Maintain physical fitness
• Take vitamins
• Maintain a balanced diet
• Always seek immediate medical treatment for injuries
• Avoid repetitive or jerking movements
• Always stretch properly before physical activity