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The Eye Care team for Little River Healthcare has seen it all and will help you see it all, too. From regular eye exams with our optometrist, to Lasik laser surgery options to correct vision impairments, to extensive Glaucoma repair treatment, our Eye Care team in Central Texas will diagnose, treat, and reverse nearly any vision disorder.
If you’re experiencing symptoms of a vision disorder, or if you’re looking for a new Optometrist to help with your eyeglasses or contacts prescriptions, click the green “Schedule Now” button to book an appointment online with our fantastic Eye Care doctors in Rockdale and Temple.
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Eye Center Locations
Texas Eye Care

King’s Daughters Clinic – Eye Center
1905 SW H.K. Dodgen Loop
Temple, TX 76502
Phone: (254) 298-2400
Providing Eye Care for Belton, Copperas Cove, Harker Heights, Killeen, Temple, and Waco.

Rockdale Family Care Center
1700 Brazos Ave., Suite B
Rockdale, TX 76567
Phone: (512) 430-6486
Providing Eye Care for Cameron, Rockdale, Taylor, and all of Milam County.

What We Treat
Our Eye Center sees and treats patients for the following Vision Disorders at any of our local Central Texas offices:
• Eye Allergies
• Amblyopia
• Bell’s Palsy
• Blepharitis
• Cataracts
• Chalazion
• Color Blindness
• Corneal Ulcer
• Detached Retina
• Dry Eye Syndrome
• Eye Occlusions
• Macular Hole
• Nystagmus
• Ocular Migrane
• Ocular Rosacea
• Optic Neuritis
• Photophobia
• Ptosis
• Red Eye
• Sjogren’s Syndrome
• Strabismus
• Stye
• Hemorrhage
• Uveitis
• CMV Retinitis
• Conjunctivitis
• Diabetic Retinopathy
• Eye Herpes
• Corneal Dystrophy
• Glaucoma
• Keratoconus
• Macular Degeneration
• Macular Dystrophy
• Ocular Hypertension
• Retinitis Pigmentosa
• Stargardt’s Disease
Common Symptoms
If you suffer from any of these symptoms of eye disorders, click here to book an appointment with an Eye Care Doctor now.
☐ Teary Eyes
☐ Blurred Vision
☐ Eye Injury
☐ Spots in Vision
☐ Flashes of Light
☐ Partial Vision Loss
☐ Redness in Eyes
☐ Severe Eye Pain
☐ Sensitivity to Light
☐ Itchy or Swollen Eyes
By practicing the following actions, you may be able to prevent some vision disorders.
• Wear Eye Protection
• Eye Health-Specific Diet
• Avoid Possible Hazards
• Blink Frequently
• Stop Smoking
• Control Blood Sugar
• Have Eyes Examined Often
• Maintain a Healthy Weight
Eye Care Team
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Dr. Austin Chang
Dr. Austin Chang
Eye Care
Risk Factors
Diseases and conditions of the eyes usually occur as a result of injury, age, genetics, illness or infection.
Exposure to any of the following may create a high risk of eye injury or development of problematic eye conditions:
• Diabetes
• Lack of Protective Eye Wear
• Unhealthy Eating Habits
• Family History of Eye Disease
• Viral / Bacterial Infection
• Genetic Predisposition
• Smoking Tobacco
• Frequent Touching of Eyes
• Sports and Athletics
• Poor Contact Lens Hygeine
• Blood Sugar Imbalance
• Direct Eye Trauma
• Neurological Disorders
• Nearsightedness
• Aging
• High Blood Pressure
• Corticosteroid Use
• Cardiovascular Disease
• Obesity / Unhealthy Weight
• Exposure to Ultraviolet light