When Do I Need the Emergency Room?

□ Symptoms of a Heart Attack
□ A Blow to the Head
□ Loss of Consciousness
□ Fainting
□ Symptoms of a Concussion
□ A Possibly Broken Bone
□ Dislocation of a Joint or Bone
□ Bleeding in Addition to Bone Injury
□ Sudden Disorientation
□ Repeated Episodes of Vomiting
□ A Bite or Puncture Wound
□ Persistent Chest Pain
□ Shortness of Breath/Wheezing
□ Severe Pain in the Abdomen or Starting Halfway Down the Back
□ Sudden, Severe Headache
□ Sudden Testicular Pain and Swelling
□ Infant with a Fever over 99 Degrees
□ Intestinal Bleeding
□ Injury from Hard Fall
□ Hard Fall while Taking Blood Thinners
□ Loss of Vision
□ Head and Eye Enjuries
□ Deep Cuts that Require Stitches
□ Eye Injuries
□ Severe Flu or Cold Symptoms
□ High Fevers or Fevers with Rash
□ Bleeding that Won’t Stop
□ Vaginal Bleeding while Pregnant
□ Serious Burns
□ Seizures without a Previous Diagnosis of Epilepsy

Emergency Rooms & Urgent Care (First Med) Locations

Urgent Care

First Med at King’s Daughters Clinic
1905 SW H.K. Dodgen Loop
Temple, TX 76502
Phone: (254) 298-2400
Urgent Care Clinic for Belton, Copperas Cove, Harker Heights, Killeen, Temple, and Waco.

Cameron Hospital
806 N Crockett Ave.
Cameron, TX 76520
Phone: (254) 605-1300
Emergency Room 24/7 ER services for Cameron, Rosebud, Buckholts, Rogers, and Lott.

Rockdale Hospital
1700 Brazos Ave.
Rockdale, TX 76567
Phone: (512) 446-4500
Emergency Room 24/7 ER services for Rockdale, Milano, Thorndale, and all of Milam County.

When Do I Need
First Med?

□ You are unable to get a same-day appointment with your Primary Care doctor
□ Symptom onset is gradual
□ Conditions that are not life-threatening, but require immediate care
□ Sprains
□ Sore throat
□ Symptoms of a cold or flu
□ Urinary tract infections
□ Mild asthma
□ Rashes without a fever
□ Broken wrist, hand, ankle, or foot that has not broken the skin