In today’s healthcare, radiology is considered the eyes of medicine.

When your physician wants information on your condition, one of the most important tools at his disposal is the radiology department. When he orders a radiology study from this department, highly trained technologists check his requirements and perform the study using the specialized equipment required to properly record and analyze your condition.

During the procedure, the technologist and, possibly, an attending physician will assure you are comfortable and the correct images and recordings are captured. Digital images using the international standard DICOM format are created and stored using high security on a system known as a Picture Archival and Communication (PACS) system.

A specialized physician known as a radiologist uses software to retrieve and display your radiology images. An expert in interpreting radiology images, this doctor reviews your study and creates a report for your physician that describes what is shown and possible treatment options.

Your physician relies on the Radiology Department at Little River Healthcare System to accurately provide images and reports on your condition using state-of-the-art systems.

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