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Our experienced Osteoporosis-trained doctors will help you regain strength and vigor. Osteoporosis leads to easily broken bones, many of which may require surgery and long stays in bed. The question is: do you want to spend the rest of your life in bed?
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Osteoporosis Locations
Waco Temple Osteoporosis

King’s Daughters Clinic – Internal Medicine
1905 SW H.K. Dodgen Loop
Temple, TX 76502
Phone: (254) 298-2400
Treating Osteoporosis in Belton, Copperas Cove, Harker Heights, Killeen, Temple, and Waco.

Georgetown Physicians’ Center
3721 Williams Drive
Georgetown, TX 78628
Phone: (512) 869-7310
Treating Osteoporosis in Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Georgetown, and Hutto.

Cameron Medical Clinic
708 N Crockett Ave.
Cameron, TX 76520
Phone: (254) 697-6554
Treating Osteoporosis in Cameron, Rogers, Buckholts, Rosebud, and Lott.

Rockdale Family Care Center
1700 Brazos Ave., Suite A
Rockdale, TX 76567
Phone: (512) 446-4545
Treating Osteoporosis in Rockdale, Taylor, Milano, Hearne, Gause, Lexington, and all of Milam County.


If you are experiencing any combination of the Osteoporosis symptoms below, Click here to book an appointment online.

☐ Poor Sleep Quality
☐ Chronic Back Pain
☐ Decreased in Height
☐ Changes in Posture
☐ Frequent Bone Fractures
☐ Rounded Upper Back
☐ Muscle Pain
☐ Sharp Pains
☐ Persistent Back Pain
☐ Unexplained Pain
☐ Compression Fractures
☐ Reduced Bone Strength
☐ Sudden Pain
☐ Fragile Bones
☐ Stooping Posture
☐ Swelling in Back
☐ Difficulty Standing
Joint Aches


Osteoporosis is a condition that is characterized by decrease in bone mass with decreased density and enlargement of bone spaces producing porosity and fragility. The fragility in bones caused by Osteoporosis can lead to severely broken bones even after light falls or minor injuries.


You may be able to slow the progress of Osteoporosis, or potentially prevent it altogether, by following the preventative measures below:
• Follow a Healthy Diet Plan
• Exercise Regularly
• Get Bone Density Tests
• Take Vitamin D and Calcium
• Stop Smoking
• Limit Alcohol Consumption
• Keep Hormones Balanced
• Maintain a Healthy Weight


Osteoporosis may be caused by existing medical conditions, aging, hormone imbalance, and certain medications and treatments.
The following factors may create a high risk of developing osteoporosis:
• Vitamin D Deficiency
• Pulse of 80bmp or More
• Height Loss
• Being Female
• Family History
• Small Body Frame
• Thyroid Disorders
• Low Calcium Intake
• Eating Disorders
• Gastrointestinal Surgery
• Seizure Medications
• Excessive Alcohol Intake
• Sedentary Lifestyle
• Tobacco Use
• Steroid Medications
Rheumatoid Arthritis