River Place Imaging
6611 River Pl Blvd #101,
Austin, TX 78730
Phone: 512-956-4399

Welcome to Little River Healthcare


Little River Healthcare – River Place Imaging provides full-service, outpatient diagnostic medical imaging and interventional radiology services in Austin, Texas, backed by our board-certified radiologists.

River Place Imaging aims to accomplish two main goals:
1. To provide the most accurate imaging services possible.
2. To help patients feel at ease during their imaging appointment.

We are proudly located in one of the most beautiful, scenic medical buildings in Texas. Why? Because we know how stressful an X-RAY, CT, or MRI can be for our patients.

You’re injured or not feeling well. Plus, you come to us nervous about the outcome of your imaging tests. But once you enter the warm, welcoming atmosphere of River Place Imaging, your worries melt away.

Our friendly, experienced staff will walk you through your imaging appointment, helping you feel at ease throughout the process. When you leave, we send your imaging results and scans right to your doctor, giving them a fast, reliable imaging process that ensures you receive the most accurate diagnosis possible.

Ask your doctor to send your imaging referral to River Place Imaging.