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“I am 74 years old and had very bad back pain for at least 15 years. I had gone to several doctors that gave me shots on each side of my spine for over 15 years. Finally, they got to telling me that I needed back surgery. My only thought was that when I could no longer walk, then I would have the surgery. After all these shots and living in awful pain for so many years, I finally got to the point that I could barely walk. While in the clinic one day, I met a friend that had Dr. Bergeson do back surgery on her last year. She told me to go straight to Dr. Bergeson. I went to see him and after some test, he told me that his usual wait time was about six weeks, but that I was in such bad trouble he would make time to do my surgery in 10 days. He was so nice to explain everything to me and my son. He took all the time we needed to make us feel good about the surgery. So I went to the hospital and had the surgery. He put screws, rods, cement, and a cage around all of it. I went into surgery about 2 PM and got to my room around 9 PM. By 2 AM I woke up and called the nurses. They came in and wanted me to sit on the side of the bed, which I did with their help. Then they helped me to walk some and then back to bed. The next morning, I sat up and ate breakfast and they had me walking the halls. I got to come home in 2 days. I had to wear a back brace for 3 months, which was no fun because for the first time in so many years, I wasn’t hurting and had to wear that brace. The day he told me I could take that brace off, I walked out of his office with that brace slung over my shoulder. It’s now been about nine months, and I feel so good. For the first time in years, I am able to work in my yard and do whatever an old woman pretty much wants to do. It is wonderful. So glad I wanted and found Dr. Bergeson. I would recommend him to anyone with back pain. I thank God every night for him.”
Linda Bunting

I am 59 years old and had been having low back and hip pain off and on for years that usually responded to medication and heat. After helping my daughter move I developed increasingly painful left sided sciatica. After an MRI I was referred to Dr. Bergeson. He explained to me what was causing the pain and recommended surgery. I really didn’t want to have back surgery so he was supportive while I tried Physical Therapy and then back injections. He understood that I wanted to try the other options first. When I finally decided I was ready for surgery Dr. Bergeson explained everything to me and answered all of my questions. When I woke up after surgery the pain was completely gone. I followed all of Dr. Bergeson’s instructions and wore the back brace until he told me I could stop. The hospital had me up walking the day after surgery. After I got home I walked everyday, increasing the distance a little everyday. When Dr. Bergeson said I could start exercising again I star ted doing the back exercises I learned in PT. Six months after surgery I reached my goal of walking 5 miles several times a week. I feel like Dr. Bergeson has given me my life back.
~Pat Sando

“I am 67 years old and I had experienced lower back pain for about 45 years. I would seek relief from the pain by using ibuprofen or other pain relievers, but it got to the point that I couldn’t even walk 50 yards without feeling a great deal of pain, tingling, and numbness in my left leg and left hip. I was referred to physical therapy but that only seemed to greatly worsen my symptoms. Finally, I was referred to Dr. Bergeson. After having an MRI, Dr. Bergeson diagnosed that I had a condition known as spinal stenosis and he recommended surgery. I jumped at the chance to get relief from my condition. I wanted to again enjoy being able to walk, dance, play golf, and do many things that my condition was hindering me from enjoying. It did take some time to recuperate from the surgery, but I do feel strongly that it has changed my life for the better. I now walk about pain-free and I am able to enjoy an active life, including dancing with my wife. Now what could be better than that? I would definitely very highly recommend getting something done if you are experiencing pain that can be remediated or completely relieved. I feel you and your family will be much the better for it. I also feel strongly that Dr. Bergeson and his staff are first-rate. They explained my situation and promptly answered any and all questions I had.”
John M. Murray

“For the biggest part of 10 years, I suffered with lower back pain. There would be times I could not walk without help, I couldn’t sleep at night, lying down or sitting up was not an option either. At that time I had been a hairdresser for 35 years, and was told that my back pain was from my occupation. I went to chiropractors who would “adjust” my back and my regular PC told me it was arthritis and to take Alieve twice a day. I finally went to an orthopedic specialist who was highly recommended by a friend. He told me the pain was coming from my hips and that my hip joints were worn out. He wanted to do double hip joint replacement, but I decided to wait until I retired. That was only a few years off. As time went by the pain would worsen, then get some better. I was not able to walk from the car into the grocery store without being in extreme pain. My husband had used Dr. English before and suggested I go to him for an opinion. So I did. After an exam and a MRI, he sent me straight on to Dr. Bergeson, who informed me that the lower 3 vertebrae in my spine were causing my problem. The discs were worn out and the sciatic nerve was being pinched. His first suggestion to me was to go to a physical therapist to try to strengthen my back. Also that I needed to lose quite a bit of weight to relieve my back problem. So I did both … I went to physical therapy for 10 visits and they taught me to improve my posture, lift objects correctly, and learn how to sit and stand properly.The physical therapy helped to strengthen my lower back muscles which relieves the pain in my lower back and the pain in my buttocks and legs. Physical therapy helped to restore my motion and back strength. I can now join my husband as he walks the dogs around the neighborhood. I have lost 30 lbs and still losing. And best of all I won’t have to have any back surgery. Dr Bergeson will not steer you wrong, but you will have to follow his instructions. He knows his business.”
Anita Wall

“It’s been about two years plus since my spinal fusion by Dr. Bergeson. The results for me have been nothing short of amazing. No more 24/7 pain since the procedure, and I essentially feel much younger. Thanks much Dr. Bergeson!”
Chuck Aidukas

“At age 76 I have had chronic lower back pain due to osteoarthritis but several months ago I began experiencing excruciating pain in my neck, shoulders, arms and upper spine accompanied by numbness in my hands. This is when I was referred to Dr. Bergeson. After x-rays and MRI I met withs Dr. Bergeson for consultation at which time he very patiently and concisely went over tests with me to show me the extent of my problem. The MRI indicated there was no fluid around the spinal column which could have devastating effects if I had a fall or was in an accident.
Surgery was definitely indicated, so on May 4th he went through an incision in my neck and put in rods,screws and fusion in 4 discs. Then on May 7th he did the second surgery through an incision in my back to put in rods, screws and fusion in 8 more discs. To my surprise and delight my pain and numbness were gone. The day after surgery I was up and walking, home after only a week in the hospital. For three months I was required to wear a surgical neck collar which in retrospect was not so bad, I could remove collar for showering and do most everything for myself except drive. I am now three and one half months out from surgery, healing well and feeling great. I cannot find words to say how very blessed I am to have Dr. Bergeson as my orthopedic surgeon! I have and will definitely recommend him to anyone who has back/spine problems. Dr. Bergeson is not only a well
trained surgeon, he really cares about his patients and never makes me feel he is in too big a rush to stop and listen to me. In my opinion he is THE ULTIMATE ORTHOPEDIC SPINE SURGEON!!”
Joyce Crawford

” I am 55 years old and my journey began 30 years ago with an injury to my lumbar spine while serving in the Army. 5-6 years after leaving my military service my back dislocated while working another job. A orthopedic surgeon in Waco fused L3-L5. I spent the next 20 years in and out of pain clinics, doing physical therapy, taking injections in my spine, and finally considering a spinal nerve oblation. Thank god the doctor doing the oblation stopped in the middle of the procedure due to my extreme pain, or I would not be able to tell you today what a blessing that was to never have that oblation procedure.
I had just about given up hope of ever being pain free again, as well as, never walking upright. I changed pain doctors and the new doctor told me he felt there was a doctor who could help me finally live pain free or pretty close to it. This is when I met Dr. Bergeson. I believe it was divine intervention that sent me to his office, because this the was the beginning of a new life for me. Dr. Bergeson told me before he would help me, I had to help him by quitting smoking. This would give me the best outcome to heal. When I left his office, that was the last time I picked up a cigarette and put my faith in him to help me.
This was the worst and best day of my life. I had to undergo three separate surgeries over the course of two days. First he entered through my lower abdomen to fuse a few vertebrae, then he entered through my side to repair the front of a few others. Those two surgeries took about 8 hours to do. I felt pretty bad that day but I was hopeful. I got a one day break, then the following day was the big surgery. Dr. Bergeson opened up 18 inches of my back and fused the anterior of my spine. I am now fused from T10-S1. I spent the next day in ICU, then moved to a regular room for the next few days. It has been 3 months since my surgery and I am now walking upright and have actually been pain free for the first time in 20 years. I am still healing but I am confident that things will get even better as time goes on. I still haven’t smoked since that day I threw those cigarettes away and have decided that I never will. If nothing else, this is my way of thanking him for what he did for me by giving my body every chance to heal and make his efforts worthwhile. Words cannot convey how thankful I am to Dr. Bergeson for giving me my quality of life back.”
Robert Bricker Sr.

“7 days post-op and this is the unedited text that I sent to Dr. Bergeson. I believe my words will speak for themselves:
Dr. Bergeson, I can’t begin to express my unbelievable, unimaginable gratitude and appreciation! I am sure that your God-gifted abilities are reaffirmed by your patients all of the time! However, I hope you know that I believe you are a living example of how God truly blesses people with a gift that has no measure! I can finally have a distraction free conversation with my children, pain free…I can listen to my coworkers share wonderful ideas at meetings, undistracted and pain free…I come home from work not even thinking about pain relief and management, I actually get to think about “what in the world am I gonna make for dinner??” I have been given a new life, a new perspective…and I want to thank you from the most sincere place in my heart! Every single day is better and I am astounded at every moment that I can enjoy without the cloud and haziness of pain…you
and your team are a testimony to God given talents and gifts! Kindest regards and countless thanks! Have a beautiful weekend!”
Kim Griffin

“Hi, I am 17 years old and suffered from a ruptured L5S1 disk. I had a go-kart accident in the summer of 2013. After suffering through 18 months of intense back and leg/feet pain, lots of pain medicine, physical therapy, and epidural injections, I decided surgery was my last option. So glad I met Dr. Bergeson and had the diskectomy. I can now report that I am pain free! No more pain in my lower back and no more nerve pain in my legs or feet. Thanks Dr. B!”
Kaylee Blumenfeld

“I am a 57 year old male that spent over 26 years in the military. I had a lots of pain in my neck and upper back for a long time. I had taken pills and shorts for many year, until it has gotten to the point none of them was working. I was referred to Dr. Bergeson by my Orthopedics doctor. I had surgery in July of this year. C6-C7 anterior cervical decompression and fusion. I was out of work for two week. I wore a Cervical Collar for four week. They went in the front of my neck and did not leave much of a scar. I feel great and can do most of the things I did before the surgery. I would tell anyone who is looking to have this type surgery don’t put it off. The key is doing what the Doctor tell you and, take it easy. It takes time to heal, but it is worth it. Dr. Bergeson is a great doctor and I am glad he was my doctor.”
Willie Peek

“For many years I had issues dealing with a pinched sciatic nerve. My normal doctor had given me exercise sheets and told me it was a normal part of aging. The discomfort got so bad that for about 3 years I was no longer able to walk comfortably much further than my house to the mail box, and I couldn’t stand for any length of time. I used the shopping carts & my lawn mower as “walkers” to ease getting around. I finally insisted that some testing be done and learned the day after an MRI that I had extremely severe spinal stenosis. I was referred to Ryan Bergeson & was able to see him fairly quickly. He reviewed my MRI and told me the only solution was surgery, at which time he would correct the stenosis and also fuse L4 & L5. I was nervous about having surgery as it was to be my first major surgery. Dr. Bergeson explained everything he was going to do in a way that I felt confident in him and went into Seton Williamson Hospital on the day of surgery with only limited nervousness. The staff there put me at ease and the 5 hour surgery was over before I knew it. He even had a nerve specialist in the OR with him who monitored my nerves and could alert Dr. Bergeson if he got too close to any of them. One fear I had was that nerve damage during surgery might make my situation worse. I had no pain at all when I became aware I was awake and in my own hospital room, and the next morning the staff had me up and walking the halls – still with no pain. They allowed me to walk as often as I wanted, which was quite a bit. I was even allowed to climb stairs before they sent me home. I left the hospital on the 3rd day and stopped taking the prescription pain meds the day after that … switching to Tylenol for a couple of days and then realizing I didn’t need even that. I have had no pain at all – only a slight tightness at the 4″ incision site on my lower back as that area healed. I’ve been able to walk and stand with absolutely no pain from the very beginning. After returning home I was walking 6 – 8 blocks the first few days and by the end of the 2nd week after surgery I was walking 1 mile twice a day. I’m now 4 months out of surgery, have been allowed to shed the back brace most of the time and am walking 4+ miles each day. I am one happy camper!! I followed Dr. Bergeson’s instructions to a “T” and believe that has really helped me heal quickly & properly. I would highly recommend Dr. Bergeson to anyone who is facing back surgery – he is absolutely the very BEST!! I would trust him with any of my children!! Keep up the great work, Dr. Bergeson!!”
Stephanie Scott

“I am 65 and was experiencing some extreme weakness in my right arm along with tingling and numbness. My doctor suggested that I see Dr. Bergeson about it. Thinking that I just had a pinched nerve and some medication and therapy would solve the problem, I scheduled the appointment. By the time that I was able to see him, (because of work schedule and other obligations) it had gotten to the point that I could barely hold on to anything with my right hand. (I had also had X-Rays and an MRI done) Anyway, imagine my surprise when Dr. Bergeson suggested that I needed surgery and that he would do it from the front in my neck! I was more than shocked and very apprehensive. But Dr. Bergeson was very open and honest with me about what my problem was and the procedure (he would fuse C-5 and 6 vertebra). Realizing that I wasn’t going to get any better doing nothing, I decided to schedule the surgery. What was amazing was that as I was being wheeled from the recovery room to my room in the hospital, I realized that the numbness and weakness in my right arm was gone. Plus, I was not feeling any pain, except some mild pain from the surgery. By the time I left the hospital the next day, I couldn’t believe how much stronger and better I felt. It is now 8 weeks from the surgery and I have recovered all my strength, feel better than I have in years, and cannot say enough about the difference that this has made. Dr. Bergeson is a concerned, caring professional, and I have complete confidence that he will do the best for his patients, just as he did for me. I went from being very apprehensive and concerned about my future to complete recovery and looking forward to the days and years to come.”
Wayne Towle

“I am assisting an elderly friend being treated by Dr. Bergeson for vertebral spinal fractures. He has listened to her, ordered appropriate tests and performed surgery without any delay. His “bedside manner” is very direct but not abrupt. If one wishes to spend time “chatting” that is not going to happen. If one wishes for an excellent surgeon for spinal fractures this Dr. is a good choice. Surgical nurses at Seton Williamson have nothing but praise for him. “
Mary Veerkamp

“At 88 years of age, with not great options for my back problems, God knows Dr. Bergeson was my answer to prayer. As others have noted, he was straightforward and honest about my condition and the recovery to follow. He performed a Laminectomy on my spine in April. His caution with my recovery lead to the discovery of a heart issue as well. Days after my Laminectomy, I received a pacemaker.,Following the carefully discussed instructions and rehab, I now have my mobility back, and a hopeful outlook as I approach my 89th birthday in September. I could not have had a more committed or caring doctor. I consider myself very Blessed.”
Leonard Gillmeister

“A few months prior to my half-millennium birthday I started experiencing back problems. Shortly after, an MRI revealed a herniated disc between my L5 and S1. I tried injections, which did nothing for me. I believed if I rested properly and took things easy it would heal itself. I was not ready for my lifestyle to be altered due to health problems! While travelling from or home in North Dallas to San Antonio (I was laying on the seat, it was too painful to sit), we stopped at a fast food place kitty-corner from St.David’s Hospital Georgetown. I was in so much pain I passed out. 911 took me the hospital. Long story short, Dr. Bergeson performed surgery three days later, fitting me into his schedule before he left for vacation the next day. I was up and walking, pain-free (except for the topical incision) the next day. A year later now, I am back to running, swimming and working out. I am SO thankful to have my quality of life back. It was the worst and best experience of my life. No one wants to end up having surgery instead of enjoying their vacation time, but Dr. Bergeson and the entire staff at St. David’s Georgetown were a blessing! I highly recommend him if you have back problems and St. David’s if you need surgery.”
S. Cohen

“I was hesitant to have back surgery for my pinched nerve and sciatic pain (L5). After trying all the other avenues, the pain was only getting worse so I reluctantly went to see Dr. Bergeson. I’m so glad I did! The surgery went very smoothly and although recovery wasn’t a walk in the park, it was much easier than dealing with the pain I’d been having previously. After faithfully following Dr. B’s orders, 6 weeks out, I feel better than I have in a year and a half. It was the best thing I could have done for myself. Many thanks to Dr. Bergeson, his staff and everyone at St. David’s Georgetown for their excellent care and professionalism!”
Maritza Kincaid

“Dr. Bergeson made a very clear and precise diagnosis of my problem. He was also very accurate in letting me know what kind of recovery time I would be faced with. While back surgery is not fun,it is good to get straight answers and correct information from the start. Also he is great with follow up visits and letting you know how you are progressing. Thanks Ryan, I sincerely appreciate your staright forward approach.”
Paul Nunemann

“Really? Pain like I had never felt in my leg, I just retired, and really didn’t have time for this! A fluid leakage between L4 and L5, was causing cysts to form, and putting pressure on my sciatic nerve, I’d never had anything seriously wrong, now I was facing a “big” surgery to remove the cysts and a vertebrae fusion! I had been diagnosed by another specialist, but just couldn’t warm up to him, it was important to me to not only have a great surgeon, but someone I was comfortable with! I was very lucky to find Dr. Bergeson, after one visit, I knew he was the one, I called my daughter from the parking lot of his office and said “I like him, he knows how to laugh”! That was one of the most important decisions of my life. Well, here I am 4 months later, doing great, no pain in my leg, since I woke up from surgery, now he’s just telling me to “slow down”! He gave me my life back and now I can get on with my retirement! I thank God everyday for guiding me to Dr. Bergeson!”
Carolyn Irwin

“Dr. Bergeson is excellent and I would recommend him to anyone needed spinal care and/or surgery. After my C6/C7neck fusion surgery, I had a question at 1:00am the second night after surgery and he was available to answer my question and help solve my issue. That impressed me and my husband.”
Phyllis Hilliard

“I had about given up hope of ever getting relief from my back pain, and had decided I would never be able to stand up straight again. I was turned down for surgery by another well known doctor, saying he could not do anything to help my pain. I got Dr. Bergeson’s name from a friend he had done surgery on and scheduled an appointment. Dr. Bergeson did another MRI and a CT scan, and then told me he was pretty sure he could help me. After 8 hours of surgery, a 12″ incision in my back, and two small incisions in my side – I am a new womean! Dr. Bergeson re-did an old fusion I had, and did two more fusions, and straightened my spine. Dr. Bergeson is such a skilled surgeon that i was off all pain medicine within the first month following surgery. My spine is now straight, I can stand up straight, and I have grown one inch taller because my spine is not bent over any longer. But, not only is Dr. Bergeson a skilled surgeon, he is a caring and concerned doctor. He came to my hospital room every morning and every evening, he made sure I was getting to nursing care I needed, and he always had positive encouragement about how well he thought I was doing. He even called my three times on a Saturday while he was deer hunting, to check on my when I developed a bad bladder infection a week after my surgery – now THAT is a caring doctor! I have sung praises for Dr. Bergeson to everyone I know, and do not hesitate to recommend him to anyone having back problems. Yet he does not do surgery unless the surgery can help you – he referred a friend of mine to another doctor, saying surgery would not help her. I appreciate that he is not “knife Happy” and only does what is best for his patients. As you can tell by my testimony, I think Dr. Bergeson is the best of the best – a very skilled surgeon and a very caring and thoughtful doctor! Dr. Bergeson has given me a new “lease of life” – to use an old saying – and for that I will be eternally grateful! Thank you, Dr. Ryan Bergeson, from the bottom of my heart!”
Dorothy Taylor

“75 years old….time to enjoy life. My back, hip & leg pain was out of control. From the very first visit, my wife and I knew we were in the right place! As a dialysis patient I had concerns. Young Dr. Ryan Bergeson….an extremely intelligent, caring surgeon took us by the hand and clearly explained what was happening and what needed to be done. We put our trust in him. I left all of my pain on the surgery room floor!! Dr. Bergeson followed me very closely after surgery…..even called me at home to make sure I was doing well. How many doctors do that?! My wife and I tell everyone we see about the great Dr. Bergeson……even hand out his business cards to all interested parties. Don’t fear back surgery…..see Dr. Ryan Bergeson for awesome results.”
Bryan Moorhead

“My husband and I were extremely impressed with how well Dr. Bergeson explained the surgical procedure prior to my spinal fusion. He was concise, thorough and answered all of our questions. The surgery was a complete success, and I am totally pain free. I was so impressed with Dr. Bergeson that I recommended him to a friend who became one of his surgical patients.”
Shirley Groneman

“I am a 41 year old police officer and I race motocross in my spare time. I am about as active as anyone can be. That is until I herniated a disc during a motocross race. The pain that ran down my leg was un-describable. I tried so many types of therapy for almost nine months. I went to three spine surgeons before I met Dr. Bergeson. He was the first doctor that sat down and showed me my MRI, and explained what everything was doing and why I had the pain. I knew I had found the right doctor! I stayed off the motocross track for ten weeks after surgery, as Dr Bergeson requested. I feel as good as I did before the spinal injury. I am five months out of surgery and have been back on the track and back on the podium after winning races! Without a doubt, I am one of those guys that wishes he would have done it sooner. The guys I race with cannot believe how fast I was back on the track and how much faster I am now that I am pain free, I recommend Dr Bergeson to everyone that I hear complaining about back pain!”
Craig Smith

“I am a 60 yr old patient that came to Dr. Bergeson with back pain, a result of back surgery with implementation/fusion ten years earlier. After surgery last year he was successful in giving me back a quality of life I had been missing. As most patients with back issues I continue to have areas of concern which bring me to my next topic: WEIGHT LOSS AND EXERCISE. After surgery/physical therapy I decided it was now on me to be as proactive as I can be. I’d already incorporated exercise (treadmill) into my life for heart health due to the need for a stent in 98′, so I kicked it up to seven days a week and continue my back exercises learned in physical therapy. In addition to exercise I was well aware I was overweight thus adding additional stress on my back and organs. I became aware of an app named “lose it” through my sons success, and gave it a try. It is user friendly and can be downloaded to any Apple product or your PC. It asks you some weight related questions, your goal weight and the rate at which you would like to lose.(only safe options are available, I chose one and one-half lbs per week) It calculates your allotted daily calories and decreases said calories as you lose weight. You can add foods/calories you regularly eat, it provides many restaurant calories and so much more. I have always known as most people, weight loss is so basic, calories in/calories out. This program is about accountability and makes it so easy, couple it with exercise of your choice/regularity and YOU WILL BE AMAZED. I have lost 47 lbs achieving my goal weight. Your entire body benefits. I know I will have back pain that doesn’t always have a “magic bullet” which is why I required more of myself to change the factors within my power that were contributing/compounding my health negatively. There are of course many weight loss options out there, I simply wanted to share one that continues to work for me as it relates to my overall health and my back in particular. I feel so much better with less pain thanks to Dr. Bergesons skill and my decision to be a healthier me. I learned a valuable lesson, IT”S NEVER TO LATE TO GET HEALTHY. I am so appreciative to Dr. Bergeson, not only for his skill as a surgeon,it’s his care and concern for you as his patient. He listens and I highly recommend him. “
Jeanne Miller

“I have had bouts of sciatica since late 20’s and a set of exercises always fixed me for several years until next bout happened. Last year I suffered from sciatica worse than ever in the past. Exercises did not work this time. Went to Doctors and tried medication, then therapy and still no results. After dealing with this for 6 months my situation continually worsened. I was limping badly, could hardly walk. I met with Dr. Bergeson and he ran an MRI on me. The solution to my sciatica was surgery .. vertebrae 4 and 5 were misaligned and pinching my sciatic nerve. He scheduled the operation as soon as possible and after a lengthy operation I awoke with the sciatic pain totally gone!!! I was back to work in 1 month with absolutely no limping or pain. I have the utmost gratitude and appreciation for Dr. Bergeson’s skills and honesty in dealing with my situation. I would recommend him highly!!”
Jim Kramer

“I Was in excellent health doing work around home when one arm came under intense pain & became basically useless. My GP determined a neck disc was rupturing. Several painful neck injections later, still no permanent relief. When I came to Dr Bergeson, he saw immediately that the disc and an adjacent dic would need removal if ever to regain full use of arm & shoulder. He performed an ACDF to my neck, which corrected the problems completely and reduced neck motion only very slightly. F/F one year. Everything Dr Bergeson told me was spot-on, his surgical work was very successful, and his patient concern has been consistently great. Today I’m back to installing rafters and couldn’t be happier. I would highly recommend Dr Bergeson to friends and family, for any neck or back issues.”
Duane Davis

“Dr. Bergeson diagnosed the reasons for my back and leg pain as stenosis in L2, L3 and L4. I could not walk or stand without severe pain. Epidural steroid injections and physical therapy did not help so he performed laminectomies on these lumbar vertebra.,I am 100% satisfied with the results since I am essentially pain free and am able to resume normal activities.,,I highly recommend him and his staff. They are caring professionals.”
Gary S. Resnick

“I had back and leg pain for the last 25 years. In 2010 both my legs would become numb after standing for 10 minutes and the pain was at times unbearable. After unsuccessful steroid injections I was referred to Dr. Bergeson. He was very concerned with my welfare and quality life. He was thorough in his examination and explanation of my condition. I had 5 herniated disks and spinal stenosis. He performed a laminectomy surgery and it went perfectly. The surgery was in April 2011 and now 3 months later I am completely pain free for the first time since I was a teenager. I owe it all to Dr. Bergeson’s expertise and his compassion for his patients. If you are considering back surgery Dr. Bergeson is the man. You can trust that he will do what is best for you and has the skill to do it.”
Lonny Hamilton

“I am 77 years young and I went to Dr. Bergeson after a previous surgery for spinal stenosis by another surgeon. After a few years my back began to hurt again and it got to the point I could hardly walk. I went to a pain management Dr. and had a series of shots to my lumbar area to no effect. I went for therapy, which made it worse. I went to Dr. Bergeson as really having no hope. He discussed surgery to me in full and told me to think about it pro and con. I decided to go ahead with the surgery and not only did he repair the old surgery and remove scar tissue but treated additional lumbar area. I had this surgery in January 2011 and have fully recovered. I can walk, and do my housework with absolutely no pain. No pain pills. I cannot explain enough how I respect, trust and recommend Dr. Bergeson for being an excellent, patient and knowledgeable doctor.”
Dolores Frey

“The immense pleasure of being sufficiently retired to set my own itinerary was taking shape. But there was an interruption. The pleasure of physically working on projects long-delayed at the farm was dampened by crippling back pain. Dr. Bergeson was thorough in his examinations, clearly explained my problem and its correction and very patiently answered my questions. My confidence in him grew and was confirmed by a second opinion. During and after surgery, he was very attentive to my condition and I received outstanding care from him, his team and all involved. I prefer that “back surgery” not appear on my horizon again but if it does, Dr. Ryan Bergeson is my doctor. My anxieties approaching a similar surgery will be dramatically less than was the case this time. He is an outstanding Doctor—and a good man.”
G.E. “Sonny” Kretzschmar

“Dr. Bergeson is an outstanding physician and surgeon. From my first consultation with him, I was impressed. He spent an extraordinary amount of time asking questions, answering mine, and reviewing and explaining imaging tests and procedures for correcting my spinal stenosis and ruptured disk. My surgery and recovery went exactly as planned, and, throughout it all, he showed absolute concern for my welfare. Today I am pain free and looking forward to enjoying life once again. My family and I hold Dr. Bergeson in highest regard and recommend him wholeheartedly.”
Theresa Cavender

“I had my first spinal fusion at age 13 in 1970. Forty years later Dr. Bergeson performed a second fusion on different disc. (These guys have come a long way in 40 years.) I would recommend to anyone that surgery be their last resort. That said, if that time comes for you, you will know it. If you are faced with that situation, I highly recommend that you see Ryan Bergeson. He is a marvelous surgeon. At this writing I am five months past surgery and I am well ahead of everyone’s expectations, including my own. My life is back to normal.”
Marvin Ragsdale

“Dr. Bergeson performed my spinal surgery on March 1st and I feel great! I had suffered from spinal stenosis for a long time, until I realized that I had to do something. I could not stand up straight and could only walk comfortably for a short distance before I had to sit down. I suffered severe pain at my lower back and down the back of my legs.,,During my initial visit with Dr Bergeson, he thoroughly explained my condition and laid out the options before me. I decided, after trying physical therapy and one epidural steroid injection, that surgery was my best option.,,I had no problems whatsoever during the surgery itself, had minimal pain in the hospital and little to none when I came home. As of now, I have no pain down my legs or at my back and enjoy walking again. Dr Bergeson did a great job on me and is an outstanding, caring physician whom I would heartily recommend to anyone in need of his specialty.”
Jerry Brown

“I have had lower back pain for 20 yrs, I would also wake up at night with leg cramps and a great amount of pain. Dr. Bergeson operated on my lower back and corrected my problem. I am 95% better since the operation. I recommend Dr. Bergeson to anyone who has a problem with their back. He is a extremely Intelligent Dr. who excels in his abilities as a GREAT SURGEON.”
Joe Presta

“Dr. Bergeson performed my surgery to correct severe spinal stenosis on July 15, 2015 when I was 76 years old. He was highly recommended and I found him to be an excellent surgeon. He explained everything clearly and patiently. He answered all my questions and addressed all of my concerns.
The pre-op team at the hospital was thorough and helpful, and Dr. Bergeson’s presence was reassuring. I am still impressed that he prayed with me at that time. Surgery and post-op went even better and with less pain than I expected. I was walking in the hospital the next day and returned home the following day. I tried earnestly to follow his instructions and have had an excellent recovery.
In the follow-up visits Dr. Bergeson has continued to be caring and thorough. I have found his entire staff to be be well qualified, friendly and warm, as well. Now, a year later, I feel my entire experience with Dr. Bergeson and my spine surgery was a huge success. I am very pleased. He is an excellent surgeon with a warm, friendly “bed-side” manner and I would-and do- recommend him to anyone!”
Rebecca Pollard