The Little River Healthcare Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Our energized and committed staff of employees, physicians, and volunteers work together every day to deliver our mission.

The Mission of Little River Healthcare

Our mission is to become the healthcare provider of choice through continued growth and individualized patient care.

Our Vision

We are committed to improving the health and well being of our communities.

Core Values

Little River Healthcare employees are committed to serving our communities’ healthcare needs with the following values:

PATIENT SATISFACTION: We provide patient-centered care where we focus on the whole person, their emotional, physical, and spiritual needs, as well as life issues, with caring and compassion.

OPEN COMMUNICATION: We are committed to sending and receiving vital information in a way that allows each of us to work effectively and in harmony with others.

TEAMWORK: We are a group of competent, empowered individuals caring about each other and working together to achieve a common goal.

COMPASSION: We value a deep awareness of the challenges of another, and we incorporate patience and understanding in all we do.

COMMITMENT: We are mutually invested emotionally and intellectually in our patients, each other, our job duties, and work objectives.