Clinic consolidation creates one-stop-shop for medical care in Temple

King's Daughters ClinicBig changes have taken place at King’s Daughters Clinic in Temple—all for the benefit of Little River Healthcare’s patients.

In the past, Temple patients seeking OB/GYN, Gastroenterology, Podiatry, and Ear, Nose & Throat services visited separate clinics, but as of August, these practices have moved to KDC, virtually creating a one-stop-shop for those seeking medical care in a variety of areas.

“This consolidation allows us to provide all of our services under one roof,” said Robert Torres, administrator at KDC. “It also allows for better patient care and patient access to the services we provide.”

Kay Hubbard, executive assistant at KDC, said the consolidation will makes things much easier for patients. “If a patient is seen in the Women’s Center or Gastro or Podiatry and they need lab work, we’re right here in the building,” she said. “They can walk across the hall and get their lab work done instead of having to jump in the car and drive somewhere.”

Hubbard said another benefit is if someone is seeing their Primary Care doctor and their doctor has a question for a specialist, they’re able to find someone right away. Jeff Madison, CEO of Little River Healthcare, said this makes a big difference because Little River Healthcare offers such a wide array of medical specialists.

“The more our providers are able to rub shoulders and talk to each other in the hallway, the better our ability to communicate about care and increase the colleagueship that needs to exist in a multispecialty group,” Madison said.

In addition to the consolidation of numerous clinics, plans are also in motion to add a physical therapy department in the near future. KDC is currently hiring for a Physical Therapy Director.

King’s Daughters Clinic is located at 1905 SW H.K. Dodgen Loop in Temple and is open weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. KDC also offers an urgent care center open after hours and on Saturdays. Please visit for more information or to schedule appointments.